Welcome to RTI Corporation
Robinson Tech International Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality abrasive products including cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, sand papers, wire brushes, and other abrasives to meet your exacting needs. Our products, under the trademark Robtec, has been distributed in North America, Europe and Far East countries for many years.

Take a look at the abrasive products we have listed here. It is just a small sample of what is available from our factories. Contact us if you need more information about a product.

Our inventory is built around our customer base. Most standard items can be shipped from one of the several strategically located warehouses within 1-2 days. More...

Our Products
SInce the introduction of our Robtec brand products in the North American and EU markets, our products have been well received by users in ship building, automotive, railroad, foundry, fabrication, construction, and many other industries. We also carry DIY products in a variety of packaging. The abrasive products listed here are just a small sample of what is available from our factories.
Safety Tips
  For complete and detailed safety information see ANSI SAFETY GUIDE B7.1 and appropriate OSHA regulations. More...